Kelly Grotte is the President of Sun Mechanical, Inc. which was acquired in 1994.  She oversees the day to day business of the company.   Clark Grotte is the Vice President, and the Senior Project Manager and Estimator.  Clark has been employed in the industry since 1975.  

Sun Mechanical, Inc. under this ownership has never started a project that they could not finish. Each project has it’s challenges, but Sun Mechanical, Inc. always works to solve the issues, resulting in a track record of successful completions probably second to none. Management responds to customer concerns, always completes projects on time, in a safe and good workmanship manner.

1. Plumbing: Underground sanitary & storm piping, above grade waste & vent piping, rainwater piping, domestic water piping, non-potable water piping, gray water piping, acid waste & vent piping, medical gas piping, natural gas piping, LP gas piping, compressed air piping, breathing air piping, RPZ installation & certification, water heaters, water softeners, floor drains, trench drains, roof drains, plumbing fixtures, sensor faucets & flush valves, residential & commercial.

2. Pipefitting: Hot water boilers and hot water heating piping, in-floor radiant heat, geo-thermal heat pump systems, chilled water systems, low pressure steam piping, humidification, natural gas piping, LP gas piping, industrial factory piping systems. Other piping systems too numerous to mention.

Pre-construction services:
1. Budget price estimates.
2. Code compliance reviews.
3. Preliminary value engineering ideas.
4. Design/build preliminary plans.
5. Procurement of equipment if needed.

EXPERIENCE: Sun Mechanical, Inc. has experience is almost every building type, including airports, coffee shops, department stores, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, schools, townhomes, single family dwellings, water treatment plants, churches, libraries, public buildings such as fire stations, and public works and even a zoo. Our Owner, Clark J. Grotte, has over 30 years experience and allows us to think “outside the box” and develop solutions that save both time and money.